How to Sell The News of Housing Starts Spiking Up


“The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.”

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, the NAHB reported a 4.7 percent gain in new home sales.  Read the entire story here for the details.

About a week ago, this graph came out showing a small spike up in housing starts.  Notice the slight up-tick in early 2009.

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Sales Tips Part II – Create a Unique Buying Experience


Dear Friend,

Today’s consumer is very savvy.  How do you capture their attention and convert to a sale?

Here is Sales Tips Part II…”Create a Unique Buying Experience”.

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The Economy Within


Personal Note:
My mother is Irish and my father is Mexican…That makes me Mexirish. So half of a happy St. Patty’s day to me.

Dear Friend,

I get most of my news from the Internet. It allows me to filter out the drama that accompanies visual reporting. I try very hard to avoid the likes of CNN and CNBC due to the negative manner in which they report the news.

I also notice the main stream media rarely reports any success stories or stories of people, companies or organizations who are finding creative ways to expand their business and their profits.

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