Getting to The Bottom of Giving Value – Episode 123

“I lost two customers last week, and I am so upset. Is it something I did? Is it something I didn’t do? Did they not see the value?”

That was the sentiment of one of my coaching students. Why do customers quit you?

In this episode, I am going to cut right to the quick of the value issue. Don’t let it fool you. Your value is not measured by your customer base….or is it?

And in this video, I am joined by my biggest fan…watch and see. Like the video. Comment on the video (especially my special guest) and Share with your customers.

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Where is Your Entrepreneurial Genius – Episode 122

On location….Genius. I’m always fascinated by what it takes to pull off the next big thing, the next iPhone, the next space mission, the next election, the next novel, the next…..whatever.

And then of course, I ask…..”Do I have it? How can I get it? Where do I find it? Is it a gift, is it fate, or is it destiny?”….and more.

People who I have the joy of mentoring always want to know the magic formula…

Rightfully so. I mean, if there is a formula…..let’s plug and play, baby!

In this very short video, discover what it REALLY takes to pull off any major business venture….or anything for that matter.

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The Best Investment for 2018 – Episode 121

Stocks? Real Estate? Bitcoin? Other?…What is the very best investment for 2018?

There is a lot of hoopla about investments and where this new year is headed.

Watch this video and you’ll discover where to put your time, money and energy for sure….HANDS DOWN.

Get this right and the bank is your playground in 2018.

Also, at 3:57 I discuss something I rarely disclose that has influenced my entire life’s course.

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Burning Bowl Ceremony 2017 – Episode 120

Ever been to a “burning bowl” ceremony? Here’s a way to clear out any unwanted baggage from 2017 as you go into 2018.

Energy is everything. The unwanted energy you hold onto leaves no space for new energy, new creativity, new thought, new money, new relationships….Nada, Zero, Zilch.

Did you get everything you wanted in 2017? I confess that I did not. It’s not uncommon for highly energetic people to fall short. However, it is only falling short if you process it that way. Otherwise, its just an experience.

Watch this short video about the “burning bowl” process and how you can release your sh** now to be ready for 2018.

Watch. Share. Comment (especially if you have done a burning bowl ceremony).

Ps. I made a couple of boo boo’s in the recording. You’ll see the editor had fun with it. Guess I will burn that sh** up too.

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Defining Mission, Vision, Purpose Episode 119

Have you ever been pissed off at someone and can’t get back on track?

Getting pissed off, frustrated, angry, or harsh with someone is a sign that you have been derailed from your vision and purpose.

In this episode I confess that recently I got “really upset” with someone in a business transaction. I got back on track with a simple process that I share in this short video. Let me know how you rebound when you get ticked at someone.

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