“The world looks very different from up here.”

What you are about to read is very specific to certain individuals.  You will recognize immediately who you are.

Six and seven figure incomes aren’t that big of a deal anymore.  The effort it took you to achieve a seven-figure income is not the same as achieving an eight-figure income.  There is every reason for you to move to eight and even nine figures.  If you haven’t moved to eight and nine figures, it is because you have barriers you have placed on yourself.  It is because you have not leveraged your time and resources in the most proficient manner.

My thirty-five-plus years of experience creating multiple eight figure businesses creates a prime opportunity for you to be mentored by me personally to get you to eight figures or beyond.

What are the benefits of working with an Executive Coach/Mentor?

My Executive Mentoring brings you many benefits:

•   Greater vision and clarity of your potential

•   Maximizing leverage to accomplish more in less time

•   The personal power to bust through your boundaries

•   Fresh perspective on professional and personal challenges

•   Enhanced decision-making skills

•   Greater interpersonal communication effectiveness

•   More influential leadership skills

•   Increased confidence and determination

•   Greater productivity on what really matters in your business

•   Fulfillment with your work and life

•   Enriched sense of your legacy and contribution

Increased Productivity

As a busy executive, there are many demands on your time. Prioritizing and managing accountability so that you can achieve your goals are a constant pressure on your productivity.  As an Executive Mentor, I work with you to better manage your productivity. This is far greater than time management. It is results management. Results in your work, with your team and with the overall condition of your company need to be tangible, measurable. We will work together to produce the results you are missing.

A very direct by-product of Executive Mentoring is that people around you will feel your creativity and clarity. Your team will be inspired to be more creative and productive. It is very common for an executive to observe increased initiative in his/her team almost instantly. A specific energy exists that was previously suppressed or guarded.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring is a very direct, concise and results driven program conducted over several months. It yields measurable results and the return on investment can be significant.

If you currently earn a six or seven figure income and want to accelerate your growth, complete the form below for an initial consultation with me. There is no charge for this initial conversation, and then we can move to the next logical step for you.

I’m honored to have privately mentored numerous highly successful individuals while building my businesses and teaching publicly. Increase your confidence and improve your productivity.  I offer no gimmicks: just results.

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