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The word “Power” is….well, powerful. Among the many definitions of power, Webster’s includes this definition…. “great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.”

I have come to know many powerful people through the course of my life. Some are powerful in the societal sense of the word, in that they exercise influence in their positions of wealth, politics, entertainment, sports and even literature.

Yet I am reminded daily of the powers that each of us have in our own special capacity. What are your special powers? I firmly believe that each of us has “special” powers. Each of us has the ability to exercise our strength, might and force in a meaningful way to contribute to society and especially to our collective journey of life.

In order for us to exhibit true power, we must own it. It must be a conscious awareness. It must flow from our being, our soul, our very spirit.

Which brings me to an elevated discussion of the possession of power. The most powerful people on the planet have their might come through their very spirit, the electricity of their being. Interestingly, we rarely learn of these people. They move through the world in an almost clandestine manner.

They are the teachers, scientists, authors, computer programmers, neighborhood soccer coaches, chefs, and quite possibly the person who lives next door to you. By the way, the person living next door to you has a very powerful neighbor as well….YOU.

Here are a few examples of uncommonly powerful people and the special might, force and abilities they exhibit. I have crossed paths with these folks in recent months and they stand out in my mind as people who “own” their power and contribute a specialness to society.

1. I met with a group of philanthropists earlier this week to discuss how we can generate more charitable donations for their various causes. Every person in that room is donating their time free of charge to give kids school supplies, offer teens a chance to own their own business, reduce the high school drop out rate in my city and give away scholarships for kids who have challenging living conditions. Their spirit emanated through out the meeting. You could almost see a “glow” around their body. Their countenance was elevated and light. That is power.

2. I ate at a local sushi restaurant (the very best one in San Antonio) and the owner and his sidekick prepared all of the sushi and sashimi dishes. I sat at the bar and watched with admiration. It was a work of art, and the chef/owner relished in his ability to please his customers with his talent. He told me he makes about 200 sushi rolls each night and his partner chef does the same. They were in the sushi making zone…lol.

3. I had my first private yoga lesson recently and the lady who gave me the lesson is about half my size. She is a tiny lady that “carry’s a big stick”. If you have ever practiced yoga and tried to actually be good at it, you will understand what I mean. She spent thirty minutes (though it seemed like four hours) just adjusting my feet, ankles and knees for the proper foundation of my practice. Over the next sixty minutes she adjusted the rest of my body as well. What is so powerful about this is the minute drugs online details and intricacies of the adjustments. I mean literally centimeters or less. Yet those adjustments made a huge difference in the efficiency of my overall practice and balance. The power is in the details. This yogi teacher passed her passion for yoga onto me and inspired me to continue with my practice at this new level. Inspiration is power.

4. And now an example from the past. When I was a young boy, my father would take us to visit his aunts. They reared him and my uncle. We would visit during the holidays. They lived in a tiny tiny house. Beginning on Thanksgiving day and going to the New Year they would make tamales and buenuelos (a flat crispy sugar pastry). Each year I looked forward to these treats. They were very simple people, didn’t speak English and were very old, even then. Yet, each holiday season they would make hundreds of these treats and give them away to family and friends. Even then, I knew something was special about them, though I did not know what. Eventually I understood the tremendous sacrifice and gesture of love they exhibited to take in two orphaned boys (my dad and uncle), rear them to turn into fine men. That is power, real power. That is spirit.

You have special talents, skills, abilities and areas of wisdom that make you powerful. Our job is to discover those; not diminish their significance, own them and then exude the spirit that is our power.

I would love to hear your comments. I would really love to hear what your power is and how you have owned it.

Until our paths cross again, take great care of yourself and your loved ones.


by Paul

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