The REAL Reason Behind Success Episode 134


I know you’ve had them. Hell, I’ve had them too.

But for some ungodly reason you didn’t follow thru.

What is the root cause for bailing out of a fantastic idea? Why do people not pull that trigger?

What is it that great entrepreneurs have that others do not?

In this video, you’ll get the answers…and…some questions you should ask yourself. for a complimentary planning session

Five Pillars of Entrepreneurial Genius – Episode 129

All that ‘grind and hustle and work-till-you-drop’ talk to be a successful entrepreneur is all BS.

Those frantic mantras are just old school limiting beliefs about success!

The new way to achieve entrepreneurial success is a MIND SHIFT for sure.

The focus is different, tighter, more relative, more productive, more profitable for sure.

In this video you’ll hear my 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurial Genius.

Most everything I have ever seen happen in my 33+ years of being a serial entrepreneur falls under these pillars.

When you honor these pillars, great balance, success and profitability comes your way. When you violate these pillars, much turmoil swirls in your business.

If you are out of whack on any of the above and you want to strategize to get on track, set a time on my calendar. In 30 minutes you’ll have a plan of action. Guaranteed.