Afraid of fear?

So what’s the big deal about fear?  General Patton said, “There is a time to take counsel of your fears, and there is a time to never listen to your fear.”  Fear is a healthy, normal human emotion.  Success is born from your proper management of fear.

Consider these tools for fear management:

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The E’s and R’s of Creating a Strategic Promotional Plan

My parents raised 8 “fairly” well balanced productive children on a very simple philosophy. Dad used to say, “The only thing that matters is the E’s and the R’s.”

I will tell you what the E’s and the R’s represent at the end of this Article. In the mean time, see if you can guess what it might be as you read through the following principles.

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Develop Your Personal Excellence Transform your life and your business

There is a powerful shift taking place in this country regarding the long-term success of business. The traditional mindset of focusing only on increasing the size of your bank account is being counterbalanced with the importance of developing Personal Excellence. The premise: In order for your long-term business success to have a chance, your personal life skills must be in good shape. In the construction business, this area is often neglected. Your personal foundation must be as strong as the foundations that support the buildings and homes you build. Personal excellence is attained with your dedication to constant and never ending improvement in every area of life. It involves a resolution to search out new and advanced ways to expand your individual identity and refine your personal skills. Dedicating time to be in the Personal Excellence Gymnasium will have a transforming effect on your life and your business. The most successful individuals in society are those living a balanced life. Here are the three primary areas on which to focus in the pursuit of personal excellence.

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