Burning Bowl Ceremony 2017 – Episode 120

Ever been to a “burning bowl” ceremony? Here’s a way to clear out any unwanted baggage from 2017 as you go into 2018.

Energy is everything. The unwanted energy you hold onto leaves no space for new energy, new creativity, new thought, new money, new relationships….Nada, Zero, Zilch.

Did you get everything you wanted in 2017? I confess that I did not. It’s not uncommon for highly energetic people to fall short. However, it is only falling short if you process it that way. Otherwise, its just an experience.

Watch this short video about the “burning bowl” process and how you can release your sh** now to be ready for 2018.

Watch. Share. Comment (especially if you have done a burning bowl ceremony).

Ps. I made a couple of boo boo’s in the recording. You’ll see the editor had fun with it. Guess I will burn that sh** up too.

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