Develop Your Personal Excellence Transform your life and your business

There is a powerful shift taking place in this country regarding the long-term success of business. The traditional mindset of focusing only on increasing the size of your bank account is being counterbalanced with the importance of developing Personal Excellence. The premise: In order for your long-term business success to have a chance, your personal life skills must be in good shape. In the construction business, this area is often neglected. Your personal foundation must be as strong as the foundations that support the buildings and homes you build. Personal excellence is attained with your dedication to constant and never ending improvement in every area of life. It involves a resolution to search out new and advanced ways to expand your individual identity and refine your personal skills. Dedicating time to be in the Personal Excellence Gymnasium will have a transforming effect on your life and your business. The most successful individuals in society are those living a balanced life. Here are the three primary areas on which to focus in the pursuit of personal excellence.

Personal Balance

Balance must be attained with the condition of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. The balancing act can be tricky. These areas are so closely related to each other that when one is out of balance, all are effected. Scientific research is overwhelming when it comes to the connection between the mind and the body. Add to this the fact that events in life occur that create imbalance. This is part of the natural ebb and flow of life. The commitment to Personal Excellence requires an ongoing awareness of what is working and what areas need help.

You probably already have a good idea of what works for you in your life in order to have personal balance. The question is…Are you doing what it takes to balance your life? There is no need to wait until the agony of being out of balance forces you to take action. If one area of your life is out of whack, it may require some concentrated effort to bring it up to the level of the other areas. I recommend that you get life coaching or private counseling from someone who excels in the area in which you are lacking. Consider this an investment in your personal balance.

Communication Skills

Your ability to effectively communicate and build lasting rapport with people will transform your life and your business. Do you want to get full price for your service or product? Demonstrate that you are honest, trustworthy and that you are serving the needs of your client. Communicate to your client that there is enormous value in your service. They will pay full price and they will also reward you with repeat business and direct referral leads for new customers.

You would think this is a no-brainer. However, a lack of quality communication continues to be the most common reason for customer challenges in the construction industry. Having good communication skills relates to personal balance. When your life is out of balance, you tend to bring that baggage to work. It adversely affects your employees and clients. Instead of listening to the needs of your employees and clients, you may be using them for your personal therapy. A tough statement, I know, but check it out for yourself. If you frequently have challenges with people, take a close look at your style of communication. Acquiring personal balance allows you to focus on the needs and desires of those with whom you interact. Listening to, and acknowledging the other person validates their worth. It puts you in control of the outcome and sets you both up for an “everyone wins” transaction.

Invest In Yourself

In order to have personal balance and exquisite communication skills, you must invest in yourself. Your excellence expands every time you invest in your personal development. There are many ways to do this. Attend a personal development seminar. Listen to a communication skills cassette tape or CD. Read an autobiography of a successful person. Watch an inspirational videotape. Create or join a mastermind group. Hire a personal or professional “life coach”. Volunteer your time and expertise to a worthy cause for those less fortunate in our society. The point is to do something and do it on a regular basis. Continually investing in your personal worth will pay huge dividends in your personal life and in your business. Make a commitment today to put yourself in the Personal Excellence Gymnasium on a regular basis.

This is an area about which I am most passionate. My articles and audio-tape series, “Become the Contractor of Choice” emphasize business success strategies for today’s contractor. In addition, I am certain that all of the business strategies in the world don’t mean a thing if your life is a mess. I believe that your long-term business success is directly related to your commitment to Personal Excellence. There is no separation of the two. It may be challenging at times. It may not seem as though one relates to the other. It may mean taking an honest look at yourself. It may not seem like you are making progress at times. However, when you make a decision to put yourself in the Personal Excellence Gymnasium and work at it consistently, the muscles get stronger and more defined. I also believe that anything you set your mind to will take place, if you just allow it.

Until we have the honor to meet in person, remember, “Success is YOUR choice, choose well.”

5 thoughts on “Develop Your Personal Excellence Transform your life and your business

  1. Jeff Adams says:

    Hi Paul,
    What a great surprise this morning to receive your e-mail. You are so right! Today’s business arena is totally different than just a mere 5/6 years ago. As market share is grabbed up by ever growing Gen Xs and Ys, every aspect of doing business will evolve. Look how “wireless instant information” has totally transformed how we communicate today.
    One either commits to evolving change and walks in the parade or one will be left on the sidewalk watching!
    Glad to have you back, Paul. You are needed!

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