How to Sell The News of Housing Starts Spiking Up

“The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.”

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, the NAHB reported a 4.7 percent gain in new home sales.  Read the entire story here for the details.

About a week ago, this graph came out showing a small spike up in housing starts.  Notice the slight up-tick in early 2009.

Housing starts up in early '09

Question:  How do you use the above information to create urgency in your buyers, getting them to decide  to buy your product NOW?


0.  Have the above graph and article printed out and ready for physical presentation before your prospect arrives.

1.  Establish immediate rapport and trust (sales 101).

2.  Move as quickly as possible to determine WHY they chose now to investigate a new home purchase.

3.  Move even quicker to demonstrate that all the indicators seem to point to the fact that the housing market is bottoming out or has bottomed out.  Use this phrase, “what that means for you, Ms. Prospect, is…”

4.  Complete the phrase by connecting your product with their needs, wants, desires and motivators and make the conversation about them and their benefits for making a decision now.

In my thirty-two years in the industry, I have experienced numerous peaks and valleys.  These are the beginnings of a rise up that means that inventory will be less available, housing prices will go up, values will rise, availability will diminish, and mortgages rates will soon answer the demand with increasing rates.

Bottom line….NOW really is the time for a family to buy a new home.  Sell the urgency.

Until our paths cross again, take great care of yourself and your loved ones.


Ps.  Make this blog post an integral part of your upcoming Monday morning sales meeting.

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