How’s that “R-word” working out for you?


I choose “not to participate” in the so-called “R-word”. How about you? Everywhere I turn, I see people and cheap Buy cheap Levitra Online Pharmacy buy acomplia companies who are selling more, closing more and prospering more now than ever.

It’s not rocket science. It’s common sense, practical thinking mixed with a dose of vision. Here are five ideas about how to thrive right now rather than buy viagra cheap online | buy cialis online 32 | generic levitra buy online die on the vine. But first, here are two examples of prosperity for you to consider…
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buy acomplia alt=”” border=”0″ />I was in Las Vegas last week (again), and the $9 billion City Center project in the middle of the Vegas strip is evidence enough. This is a thirty-seven acre city within the city. Sure, the project got started five years ago, but there are many projects that have come to a screeching halt….Not this one.

On a more personal scale, I had breakfast in Vegas with two guys whose companies are growing leaps and bounds amoxil online in the real estate investment and financial portfolio business. Aren’t buy viagra online pharmacy | buy cialis online overnight | levitra vardenafil Soft”>Kamagra Soft those supposed to be the two areas that suck the most right now? Not for them.

To thrive….

1. Keep it real…Take an honest look at your business situation. Don’t bury your head in the sand and just give in to the negative media hype. That’s the chicken-poop way out. If your business has been affected, do something about it. Understand where the improvement needs buy online cheap without prescription cytotec buy Amoxil to be made and get started immediately.

Kamagra Gold style=”font-weight:bold;”>2. buy cialis canadian Head on a swivel…keep tadalafil your eyes and your online pharmacy brain open to new opportunities. I don’t necessarily mean looking for another career opportunity, buy levitra online though I would never rule that out. Make something happen within your area of expertise. If there is only one person or company in your industry that is thriving right now, get buy cialis pill to know what they are doing, who they are doing it for and how they are doing it. Become their best friend and student. You will be amazed at how much people will help you if you Buy Viagra just keep Brand Viagra buy ampicilin online Buy Viagra, Buy Cialis, buy viagra online order Buy Levitra Without Prescription buy Cialis for sale cheap viagra your awareness open to the idea.

3. The Buy cheap Levaquin generic amoxil online Without Prescription – Online Drugstore light is not a train…There is light Buy baclofen online at the end of the tunnel and it is here sooner than you think. Actually NOT. The real truth is that it is here exactly when you think it is. Buy Antibiotics medications So the moment you believe you will find solutions, Buy Viagra Super Active+ Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed they will arrive. The moment you believe you will thrive in your business, remarkable things will begin to take levitra Online Viagra buy online price place. Oh, by the way, you will probably have to muster up a bunch more faith than you currently have in order for it to happen.

4. Act like you have been there before…When you act with the confidence and composure cheap Ampicillin online Without Prescription buy of a seasoned professional, guess what? You begin to achieve the results of a seasoned professional. buy augmentin levitra cheaper However, you must sustain your actions in order to continue to receive the benefits. how to buy clomid online If you freak out, panic or get stressed out over your situation, you will only restrict the flow of ideas to your consciousness. Also, good ideas and good people will begin to show up to associate with you because you keep your level head.

5. You will attract buy cialis tadalafil at horizon drugs what you project…Whatever your thinking buyviagra | buy cialis overseas | buy levitra drugs jelly”>Kamagra jelly is about this current economy, or any for that matter, will be projected out onto everyone you deal with. If you believe that customers buy only for a low price, guess what? They will negotiate with you only on price. If you believe that consumers are not spending buy amoxicillin money at all, guess what? They certainly won’t spend it with you. If you believe that you have to hunker down and weather the “R-word”, guess what? You will be a mole in a hole diflucan buy buy Ampicillin buy cheap cialis tablets and no one will do business with you. The cialis Kamagra Soft generic amoxil cheap online beliefs you hold in your mentality and in the fibers of your personal spirit will project out onto everyone you meet.

Oh, by the way. Add to this list you must associate with people of like-mind and like-consciousness. If you hang around negative people, including watching the likes of Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper on CNN, you will feel like crap. Wrap yourself around doers, thinkers and visionaries. They are everywhere…

propecia brand style=”display:block;text-align:center;cursor:pointer;width:320px;height:240px;margin:0 how Flagyl ER Online to buy viagra without prescription auto 10px;” src=”” Ibs Cyprus banking buy amoxil alt=”” border=”0″ />Here are some real visionaries. These architecture students and their professor buy buy propecia cheapgeneric lasix amoxicillin from Mexico arrived in Las Vegas last week to take in the Surfaces Show and they stopped to have buy real viagra without prescription me autograph my Profit Power book. I gladly obliged. They buy ampicilin online are from the Universidad De Sonora in Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico. Look at the optimism and excitement about the future in their eyes. Contagious, huh?

Until our paths cross again, take great care of yourself and your loved ones.


Ps. If you would like your own autographed copy of my Profit Power buy cialis daily book, order it here.

4 thoughts on “How’s that “R-word” working out for you?

  1. Ronald Earl Wilsher says:

    Great info, Mr. Paul M!

    I like the way you think.

    I look forward to reading your Blog and I appreciate you sharing.

    Keep the faith and keep being you!

    TrueBeliever & HopeDealer

  2. Real Estate Investor Mom says:

    What a great post. I’m so glad that we’ve kept in touch over all these years since we met at the Robbins events in 1997, 1998? It’s been a real pleasure to see what you’re doing and sharing.

  3. Damion Flynn says:

    We think a lot a like. Found your blog through facebook read a few posts but wanted to comment on this one.
    While everyone else in our business has been talking about how bad the economy is, the past few months have been some of my best since I got in the business.
    I attribute this to a strong work ethic and other agents getting out of the business helps to increase my market share.

    While my personal blog is not regularly updated, you can view at Damion Flynn.
    My business blog, located at MS Coast Real Estate is updated regularly.

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