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Thank you for joining us at the event.  We are family people just like you, and we do our best to provide a legacy for our families.  We are here to help you do the same.  Below are links to valuable resources that will help you achieve your definition of success.  If at anytime you would like to discuss a plan for your investing future, get on my calendar for a complimentary session at PaulMontelongo.com/Strategy.  We wish you the best.

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Paul Montelongo

I am Paul Montelongo and I coach, mentor and lead high-earning conscious entrepreneurs to get their businesses lives back on track. I’ve built, owned, and operated eight multi-million dollar businesses in my 38-year career. These companies have generated over $60M in revenue and I’ve employed well over a thousand awesome people.  I help experienced, high-productivity business owners increase profits, build stronger teams and regain their life/work balance.

I believe in simplicity, focus and productivity. I have developed a series of processes to help entrepreneurs get back the freedom they originally planned when deciding to go into business.

As a seasoned investor myself, currently with nearly 500 units, I work with Real Estate Investors and Real Estate professionals to help them balance their life, extract more profit from their deals and design their lives from the inside out.

I invest in underperforming specialty properties in emerging markets, i.e., marinas, resort properties, apartment units, hotels, storage facilities, and office complexes.

I make speaking appearances at Real Estate and Construction Industry conferences around the country and world, including Canada, New Zealand, Italy and Romania.

I work with accredited investors on properties and real estate assets for their portfolios.

Out of my real world industry experience, I have written hundreds of articles for the real estate industry and been published in more than 20 industry publications. I have coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Get on my calendar for a complimentary investor planning session… PaulMontelongo.com/Strategy

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Letitia Reyna-Montelongo

Born in Fort Worth, Texas I arrived in San Antonio in 1983 and launched my career at Frost Bank, where I specialized in student lending. My passion for supporting youth through education lead to my work at Sallie Mae where I served as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing from 2000 to 2010.  I was able to leverage my position to support and assist first generation college students. To further promote the power of education, I chaired the Women’s Leadership Conference in Texas to empower women working in higher education.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve launched companies in the medical equipment, health services, finance and technology industries.  I founded Texas Crypto Technologies and The Crypto Café TV show seen by thousands of viewers in numerous markets around the country.

As a licensed realtor since 2014, I am very excited to be working alongside my husband.  As we begin working together in the Multi-Family Investing space, my goal is to build a TEAM of investors who work together to build a legacy for themselves, their families and their community.

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