The Riders Executive Group

A group of business executives join in a yearlong mentormastermind program toexpand their entrepreneurial leadership proficiencies.

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What is it?

Mindful leaders, serial entrepreneurs and executives come together to combine their passions for business and motorcycles.  This group of adventurous motorcycle enthusiasts meet regularly, electronically and physically to share their insightful leadership talents with each other in a mastermind setting.


The “Riders Executive Group” provides a framework to discover strategies for transforming business leadership values and styles.

We assemble to collect advice from like-minded executives in order to expand our businesses and proactively implement the most advanced leadership skills in business today.

The core values of this exclusive group require honest evaluation of the skill sets of its members and a mutually respectful sharing of solutions.   Transparency and open conversation about the challenges and privileges of entrepreneurial leadership and profitability is the foundation of this group.

You will receive honest feedback from fellow executives and group chairman, Paul Montelongo to help you propel through your most pressing business issues.

This is a group of handpicked entrepreneurs whose common mission is to make a difference in all aspects of life, to grow their business, employ more high quality-minded individuals, earn higher profits and build their personal legacy.


Core Values of “Riders Executive Group”

  • Transparency.Members will be forthright with his/her disclosure of their challenges, successes, and strengths.
  • Confidentiality.  All matters, business and personal will be held privately in the strictest respectful regard.
  • Accountability.  We hold each other and ourselves responsible for the action plans and goals created in this group.
  • Innovation.  Members will creatively express their ideas, feedback and solutions without the risk of current limits or boundaries.
  • Passion.  We proudly and energetically engage in our entrepreneurship, our families, our communities, our worship, and with each other to bring about change and growth and stability as needed.
  • Ride like the wind.  You know.


Why the “Riders Executive Group” name?

I purchased my first motorcycle at the age of 19.   As I was rearing a family and building my businesses, my love for riding never waned.  I have ridden in many parts of the U.S.  Currently, I ride a 2011 Harley Davidson® Ultra Classic.  It is fully loaded and tricked out pretty nicely.  It is one of my passions in life.  If you ride, you relate.  I decided to merge two passions, riding and leadership.  One of the many perks of being a life long serial entrepreneur is that you can do whatever the heck you want with your life and free time.   The “Riders Executive Group” is my ultimate idea for bring together like minds, like styles, like drive and determination.

You must own and ride a bike in order to be a part of this group.  At our gatherings you may bring your spouse, partner or a friend.  But as the primary group member, you must ride…and love riding.


What will the “Riders Executive Group” do?

You will engage in regular conference calls, Skype calls and webinars to learn advanced leadership and business proficiencies.  You will be a part of a membership based website and forum.  You will receive regular email communication on essential leadership elements.

There will be open discussions on current events as they relate to your business and leadership growth.  You will receive assignments from time to time as a means to expand your business.

The fun stuff…occasionally, we will meet at designated venues for day rides and night socialization.  These events will combine our passions for riding and leadership training.


How do you join?

Membership is very exclusive.  Complete the form below.  You will receive a phone call.  During and immediately after the phone call, you will receive additional information about the group, including qualifications, investment schedule, and group requirements.

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