Sales Tips Part I – Discover Your Customer

Dear Friend,

In order to sell more products, goods, services in any industry, you must understand how and why your customer buys from you.

After a trip to new Zealand last spring, I produced this video about Discovering Your Customer.

Check it out. Leave your comments.

Until our paths cross again, take great care.


One thought on “Sales Tips Part I – Discover Your Customer

  1. admin says:

    Asking is always the best way to find out if your customer is genuinely interested. Many sales people “think” they ask, but they stop short of asking the hard questions like…are you ready to buy NOW? and What is preventing you from buying NOW? and What needs to specifically happen for you to make a decision NOW? You have to drill down to their motivating factor and overcome any fears they have. You get there only by asking, asking, asking. If they are interested, sell them. If they are not interested, hold on to them for the future and stay in contact with them to build the relationship over time.

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