The Art of Reinventing Yourself

The Art of Reinventing Yourself

Madonna, Justin Bieber, Bill Clinton, Howie Mandel; these celebs and many more have embraced the art of personal reinvention. You and I get to witness their transformative behavior in the media

However, real transformation, real reinvention of self is happening every day with good souls all around you. The divorcee, the widow or widower, the empty nester, the bankrupt businessman, unhealthy people, and more are engaged in a journey of reinvention.

I don’t believe you have to experience a life-altering event to engage in a transformation or reinvention of yourself. In fact, I believe reinvention takes place every day. It happens at a mental and emotional level and of course at a physical level. It happens at a cellular level every moment. In fact, it is inevitable.

More of what it really takes:

Proactivity. The true reinvention artist is always in search for a refinement to make a difference in their life. There is an insatiable curiosity about the possibilities of what looms in the future for oneself. Reinvention does not necessarily have to come as a result of a traumatic event. In fact the best reinventions can be voluntary. One simply decides that it is time to take a different road to get the most flavors from the meal of life.   Get training, coaching, mentoring or hang out with those who will hold you accountable for your new self.

Vulnerability. I have learned from personal experience (of at least six colossal and pivotal events in my life thus far) that I had to be completely raw and open with the experience. That doesn’t mean that I handled it well. It just means that rawness, vulnerability, and wounds were exposed for what they were. From this place of susceptibility came understanding. Resistance to being candid with oneself creates additional emotional walls that prevent you from breaking through to the freedom of reinvention.

Visionary. Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When you are clear there are tremendous growth benefits on the other side of the transformation, your reinvention is more palatable. Perhaps a new body shape looms for you, or the lover of your dreams is around the corner. Possibly an expansion in your business or the ability to finally work with your passions is your reward. Peace of mind, depth of relationships, fitness, hidden talents or some new level of contribution could be your reward. It is important to keep the pay-off foremost in your vision.

Perspective. Reinvention is a chapter. It is a chapter in the book of your life. Any discomfort during the process of alteration will pass in its due time. A new set of beliefs, emotional muscles and neurological signals are wired into your soul. The end result of your reinvention does not define you. To reinvent or transform yourself in any genre takes courage, immense courage. It takes bravado. It takes commitment and it takes a deep willingness to roll with the punches and stand strong in your determination to change.

One more thought. Reinvention does not mean you have discarded any part of you. To me, it means you have taken all of the experiences in your life up to this point, poured them in a pot, stirred them up and created a new dish. Same ingredients. New dish.

What is your next reinvention? Write me and share.




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