The Title With No Titles

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I begin with this very biased confession…I am a die hard San Antonio Spurs fan.

I saw my first game in the old Hemisphere Arena in downtown San Antonio in 1975.

Watching old school players like Gervin, Kennon and Paultz made me an instant lifetime

If sports is a microcosm of life, then the 2014 Spurs are a sterling example of what life
and business should be about.

This championship team exemplifies what it means to succeed and win…


“The Title With No Titles.”

Essentially twelve guys played as one cohesive unit to spank the Miami Heat in
just five games.

  • These are the lessons from this championship season:
  • No ONE guy is larger than the group…not the coach, not the owner, not the president, not the hall of famers…no one
  • Ego should be left outside the locker room, board room, sales floor, office, etc.
  • There is only one title…”winners” (plural)
  • The guys at the top lead by example with humility, hard work and inclusion
  • Everyone is treated fairly, i.e., according to their role and their personality
  • No one is praised or critiqued equally, but according to their personality and the situation..did you see Pop get after Manu and Danny Green and praise Kahwi Leonard privately away from the other players
  • Turn pain into drive and determination….the 2013 loss in the finals became the motivation to win
  • A complete team will beat a single selfish star more times than not
  • Let your team self correct. Note how often the members of the Spurs corrected and adjusted each other on and off the court
  • Don’t panic when there is a setback or when a goal is not met
  • Braggadocio is a hard thing to overcome…I could never imagine Tim Duncan making “The Announcement” to take his skills to South Beach
  • Humility leaves ample room for celebration
  • Invest time in your team…note that 15 years has elapsed over Tim Duncan’s five championship rings
  • Loyalty is rewarded with loyalty…rather than break up a team over a heartbreaking loss, they regrouped year after year for the ultimate prize
  • Play like there’s no tomorrow…because there might not be
  • When everyone is on the same page for one common goal, it is a thing of beauty.


Commentary: Unfortunately, most heads of business lead from a place of fear; employing dictatorial behavior and unnecessary rules to govern their team. Their lack of genuine self value guides them to “force” their team to perform. They encourage their “stars” to monopolize the team concept and values. Authentic leaders are firm, yet fair and strive to extract the skills and talents and gifts out of all their team members for the good of the common goal.

Advice: If you are in charge of a team, become a leader from the heart and with a sense of undying loyalty. Your team members will run through walls for you when you prove that you will do the same for them. See the long term positive effects of this type of leadership, and you will experience the real joy of victory.

By the way, is championship #6 looming in the future?

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4 thoughts on “The Title With No Titles

  1. Geneva Clark says:

    You have an innate ability to put things in to proper perspective, using the most approachable and comprehensive methods. Kudos.

  2. Sheila Kensinger-Clark says:

    Well said. Always believed a good leader, leads by example… to do so, nurtures a cohesive team.

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