What’s Wrong With “The Secret”?

Dear Friend,

This is the re-emergence of my blog. I made an effort about two years ago and quite frankly it was overwhelming….and kind of a half-ass effort on my part.

However, with some coaching (yes, I have a couple of personal coaches, too) and encouragement from my “techie-nazi” friends, I am going to try this blog thing again.

When Al Gore invented the Internet, he did not fully understand what mayhem he would launch. I am glad he moved on to global warming (which is a crock of horse poo….why do orange trees in Florida sometimes have from them in the month of March?…the planet will take care of itself like it has for billions of years if Al Gore will just leave it alone to do its job.)

I have some ideas about the phenomenon of the “Law of Attraction”. First of all, I loved watching the movie, The Secret. I own the DVD, the Audio CD’s, and the Book. I have seen the DVD three times in its entirety and several more times I have watched bits and pieces of it. I have read the book twice and listened to the audio CD’s once all the way through.

However, each time I leave feeling a bit void of some meat and substance. Now, don’t get me wrong…..you will attract that which you project. You will send a vibrational energy out into the universe and get back what you send out. Your most intimate thoughts and mental patterns do become your real world.

So the LAW itself is factual and stands as a universal truth. Catch this…..recently I told myself that I was going to wake up with a back ache the next morning after practicing a very intense form of Yoga. I didn’t pay attention to my own words and guess what? I was gimpy all day long the next day. Ooops, bet me I won’t do that again.

Yet, what seems to be missing from the product known as The Secret is the kick start, the battery jump, the key to start the engine.

It occurs to me (in my own reality of the universe) that just sitting around “Blissing Out” and waiting for good things to happen is not the magic bullet. If you really listen to the message in The Secret, that is not the message at all. However, it seems to be the signal many viewers walk away with.

What is missing is…ACTION. Now, by action I don’t mean heaving a load of stones around to get results. Therein lies the disconnect for most people. Action can be simple things. For example, I wanted a way to reach more people with my inspirational messages. A blog seems to be one way for that to happen. This blog is not going to write itself by me just sitting around trying to manifest it. I have to actually put a bit of thought into it and then write it.

Here is the key…..the actions you take to make something happen are much less strenuous when you give some serious thought and meditation to what you want.

By the way, contrary to some philosophies that are be being expounded right now in the esoteric community, the “wanting” is not wrong. There is an ideology out there that says “wanting means you are giving mental power and universal energy to that which you do not have and as a result you will continue to lack…thus attracting what you are really thinking about”. Well, unless I know what I want, how else will I know what I want…or want to manifest or want to meditate on?

Anyway, the trap most people fall into is giving so much energy and attention to the “activities” of what they deem to be success, that the intention of success falls way short.

Its a control factor for most people, which relates to self-trust. When you try to control too many things, events, actions, people or circumstances, you are lacking self-trust. Letting go of the intensity to control requires a huge dose of self-trust…self-reliance…self-belief.

The eloquent irony is that once your self-belief elevates, your need to control the “activities” of success are dramatically reduced.

And are you ready for this……WORK IS NOT WORK…in the traditional definition of the word. When your self-belief elevates to the point where you relinquish your need for control of the “activities” of success, you operate from a purpose that is much greater than any to-do list.

Work is laborious and tedious for most people because they are not living in harmony with their truest self. It doesn’t matter what you want from life, you can have it if you will just acquire self-belief and self-trust.

This has taken me years to learn and I am still learning. In my younger years, I controlled everything, worked from lengthy to-do lists, had day planners and note pads everywhere. An activity did not go undone because if it did, that would mean failure….or so I thought.

With time, I began to let go and trust in myself and that all the right things were going to happen that needed to happen. Today, my lists are tiny. In fact, most days I don’t even refer to a list. I just know in advance what I need to do to make money, to connect with people, to write, to sell, to deliver my services, to be in optimal health and physically fit.

This, by the way, goes for all aspects of life. You want a great relationship with your significant other? Give up trying to control the relationship. Be yourself and be happy. You want to make more money? Give up trying to parley every single deal into, “I am right and you are wrong.” You want to be more physically fit? Give up the control aspects of all the fad diets out there and live comfortably in your own skin. You want to be a better parent? Let your kids be themselves and trust that they will figure things out with just a tiny bit of your loving guidance.

It matters not how you get to this place. The method is an “activity”. What matters is that you DO get to this place. For me, regular meditation, yoga and a deep spiritual path, accompanied by an intense desire to make a huge impact on the world has provided a means to this place.

I would love to read your comments and responses. Also, I would like for you to share this blog with everyone you know. And please sign up on this blog to follow its development.

In the future I will talk about Barack Obama, Stem cell research, the word of the year, comedy shows, my speaking tours, people I know, people I don’t know, prosperity and many other topics.

Until our paths cross again, take great care of yourself and your loved ones.

10 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With “The Secret”?

  1. Hugh Pitts says:

    As usual, I find your writing interesting. I am not familiar with the Secret, so now I have to go catch up. I liked the blog and will be interested in receiving the next one.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes even Oprah brought up the Secret one day and stressed-= please dont you all forget about ACTION

    I am glad however the process and inforamtion and guidance is out there- The Secret going commercial is very powerful- super happy to be a part of this unique transformation we are experiencing in consciousness here-

    glad you liked Edmonton Paul- Polynesian Room- is pretty cool- try the Roman room next time.

    Jen Murphy

  3. Catherine Jewell says:

    Very thoughtful. As always, Paul, you have hit the nail on the head. “Inspired action” is actually the bridge between the wanting and reality.

  4. Carmen says:

    That’s the secret revealed of “The Secret”. Be positive but do something towards what you want, it will not happen just because you are positive. Like you I have read the book, watched the movie and have try to bring the message out about it, but this is the best way to explained. Excellent blog and definitely pass this on. Can’t wait for the next topic. By the way, I am working on developing a new multi-generation community in Florida. Any thoughts on this matter? Will appreciate any feed back. Carmen

  5. Kelea J. Piper says:

    There is a cause for every effect and an effect for every cause. I am admittedly a person who has to be in control and when I’m not in control, I am totally out of my comfort zone. Coming to the realization that things happen has a result of my “doing” not as a result of my “controling” made a big difference in my personal success. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. You’re on to something!

  6. carol says:

    well my friend, i have heard all the hype about “the Secret” but have yet to view it. Shame on me. But I will. Where have you heard that before?? 😉

    As usual your words are brilliant and when I follow your advice, it all works out for me. So once again, I will be a follower!

    Can’t wait to read the blogs to come!

    -your friend forever…..


  7. Anonymous says:

    Have some thougts on your comments, but by first question would be…after the intense yoga session that caused your soreness the following day…if you had not “told yourself” you would be sore, you conclude you would not have been “gimpy”? Seems like a natural consequence. Please advise.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, very interesting stuff and I agree wholeheartedly with 95% of it (oh now we’re going to hear about the 5% – you bet!). I particularly like the rule on serving humanity. When your “success” goals are about serving yourself as 90% of the trash out there now is, you are an empty shell and are taking away from humanity, not adding something to it.
    But I do take exception to today’s antiseptic views on God as “whatever you want Him to be”. If you have a relationship with God (whatever you define Him to be) then that directly implies you believe in Him. If God exists, then it is the ultimate lunacy to define Him however you want. I exist, you can define me however you want but I am still me, regardless of what you think I should be. Rather, in my opinion, you should be seeking Him out to find out which world view of Him strikes you as most correct.
    Anyways, there’s my little rant. I don’t want to start any religious wars, but just wanted that food for thought out there. I have to go, I’m too busy taking action on my Secrets (BTW The Secret is nothing new, I believe the concept of you becoming what you think about has been around a long, long time. Just every now and then someone writes a book about it and someone like Oprah makes them a guru). Well, sorry for raining on everyone’s parade. Paul’s 7 secrets are absolutely true. Quit worrying, you have one life to live and every day wasted worrying is gone forever.

    Gerald T.

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