“You just gotta get back up.”


Sometimes the biggest mistake we make is in thinking that we should have no problems. We think problems are a curse, instead of knowing that our problems are a gift. The only way we usually grow is if we get a good enough problem to stimulate us to use our resourcefulness to find a part of ourself that is not being used.

Here is an extraordinary example of a man who chooses to view his “problems” as gifts, and a resource to show the world that there are no limitations to what we can do.

I hope you will be inspired.

Until our paths cross again.


5 thoughts on ““You just gotta get back up.”

  1. Ted Scott says:

    Paul – WOW, Thanks for posting Nick’s story. I’m sitting here this morning struggling to figure out who gets paid today [it’s the 10th], how am I going to make those interest payments on the homes that haven’t sold? I’m feeling real sorry for myself and in pops your email “you just gotta get back up”. WOW what a story, it puts everything in my world back into perspective…I’m going to work on getting back up again, no matter how many times it takes. Thank you!

  2. Earl says:

    I couldn’t have recieved this at a better time in my life as I just got off the phone with my doctor and found out that my biopsy came back abnormal. Thank you for sharing this Paul. I am sharing this with family and friends.

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