Three Levels of Intelligence in Real Estate Success – Episode 139

In this episode, you will discover the three critical areas of intelligence to get Real Estate Success. These are different from what you may think.

However, in my experience, without these you will most certainly fail. Sorry, that’s just the raw truth.

Most real estate investors get one or maybe two right, but the trifecta is where the magic is.

Master these and you will certainly succeed.

Responding To Losing A Deal Episode 138

Ever lost a deal? How do you respond? How do you turn the situation around? What do you learn from it? When should you “move on”?

In this episode, you’ll discover how to handle losing a deal, especially when you knew that everything was going your way. It happens.

You’ll also learn what you can take away from the situation.

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Girl Get Your $hit Together With Lisa Chastain – Podcast Episode 101

I interview Lisa Chastain on her book especially designed to empower millennial women. We discuss a wide range of topics and how women (and men) can take responsibility for their money situation.

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