Social Media For Real Estate Pros Podcast #E009

Investors and RE Agents, here’s How to Maximize Social Media as a Real Estate Pro.
Best tips for Social Media marketing for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors.
Belladonna Riso of Real Estate Ad Sharks and Agent Lead Academy discussed this topic with Paul.

How to use Facebook ads
How to use a Facebook Business Page
How to use Organic posts
How to use Live Videos
How to use Pixels, Bots, Retargeting
How to create a social media marketing plan

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Centimillionaire Family Office Expert Richard C. Wilson Interview

What’s it like to work with Centimillionaire Families? People and families with $100million in assets or more have problems that need solutions.

In this episode, expert Family Office organizer, Richard C. Wilson discusses the nuances of working with wealthy families to manage and grow their wealth.

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Real Estate Reality Stars Mark & LIz Perez Interview

Real Estate Reality Stars Mark and Liz Perez discuss their trials and tribulations in marriage, real estate, family and the marketplace on their road to success.

The stars of two Real Estate reality shows, Mark and Liz remain grounded in their faith and work ethic. They share their secrets to real estate success and keeping their family together during their journey to success.

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