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paulfinal--9I am Paul Montelongo and I coach, mentor and lead high earning conscious entrepreneurs to get their businesses lives back on track. I’ve built, owned, and operated eight multi-million dollar businesses in my 35-year career. These companies have generated over $50million in revenue and I’ve employed well over a thousand awesome people.

I help experienced, high productivity business owners increase profits, build stronger teams and regain their life/work balance. I believe in simplicity, focus and productivity. I have developed a series of processes to help entrepreneurs get back the freedom they originally planned when deciding to go into business.

I also invest in underperforming specialty properties in emerging markets, i.e., marinas, resort properties, apartment units, hotels, storage facilities, and office complexes.

I make speaking appearances at Real Estate and Construction Industry conferences around the country and world, including Canada, New Zealand, Italy and Romania.

I work with accredited investors on properties and real estate assets for their portfolios.

As a result of his real world industry experience, Paul has written hundreds of articles for the real estate industry and been published in more than 20 industry publications. I have coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs.In his career, he estimates that he has successfully hired, trained and managed more than 1,000 people. Paul has created management systems and leadership programs for all of his companies that have become a standard in the industry.

Get on my calendar for a complimentary session… PaulMontelongo.com/Strategy

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