Afraid of fear?

So what’s the big deal about fear?  General Patton said, “There is a time to take counsel of your fears, and there is a time to never listen to your fear.”  Fear is a healthy, normal human emotion.  Success is born from your proper management of fear.

Consider these tools for fear management:

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Overcoming Blocks to Your Success, Increasing Your Sales and How to Win Negotiations

Steve G. Jones  interviewed on the “Paul Montelongo Show” this week!

Steve G. Jones answers some of these questions:

  • – Are you being lied to by customers or in business meetings?
  • – Do negotiations break down when you least expect it?
  • – Are you uncertain about how to proceed with your business?

My special guest this week is Steve G. Jones, a world-renowned clinical hypnotherapist. Steve is the real deal and has worked with many high-profile celebrity clients. We talk about overcoming blocks to your success, increasing your sales, and how to win negotiations….WITHOUT BEING LIED TO.