Social Media For Real Estate Pros Podcast #E009

Investors and RE Agents, here’s How to Maximize Social Media as a Real Estate Pro.
Best tips for Social Media marketing for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors.
Belladonna Riso of Real Estate Ad Sharks and Agent Lead Academy discussed this topic with Paul.

How to use Facebook ads
How to use a Facebook Business Page
How to use Organic posts
How to use Live Videos
How to use Pixels, Bots, Retargeting
How to create a social media marketing plan

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Why I Coach And You Should Too Episode 141

Do you have the desire to help others with your Real Estate expertise?

Would you like to make a difference and give back to the Real Estate industry?

How would you like to be rewarded financially for your years of hard work and wisdom by coaching others to WIN the Real Estate Game?

Turning your Real Estate Expertise into a viable One-to-One personal coaching business can offer you more personal satisfaction and side income than you could ever imagine.

In this video, I lay out the numerous reasons I coach, why you should consider becoming a coach and the path it takes to become a bona fide
real estate coach.

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