Be a sales magnet

5 ways to be instantly irresistible

I recently saw a poster in a sporting goods store of the three stooges. Larry, Curly and Moe were slovenly dressed, holding their golf clubs and looking comfortably smug in each other’s presence. The title of the poster was…”Play Golf with Your Friends”. After a good chuckle, I was reminded of the truth in this statement. We tend to choose our friends and associates because of our perception of similarities with them.

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The Man With Two Watches Is Never Sure

Dear Colleague,

The old adage goes like this, “The man with one watch knows what time  it is. The man with two is never sure”, which begs the question…

Do you know what “time” it is?

The challenge with many sales professionals and entrepreneurs is they tend to be so creative and expressive, they loose laser focus of their real objectives. Why do some people tend to be more successful in their sales than others? Why do some sales people thrive when others meander through “challenging markets”? Why will some sales people and entrepreneurs earn major money and market share when others succumb to “corrections”, “adjusting markets” and “market gluts”?

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Welcome to my Blog

Greetings everyone:

As an internationally recognized trainer, keynote speaker and business consultant, I would like to officially welcome you to this blog. It is my intention to provide you with the most up to date information on everything related to marketing and sales. And, when I say everything I mean it – I’m going to touch base on topics like super sales success, leadership enrichment, personal morale, customer service, employee empowerment, marketing and promotion, home building, new  home building, real estate and more.

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