The “F” Word In Business…

It is the most underused word in the realm of business language.  The “F” word can be harsh, intimidating, seemingly inappropriate and even disclose gaping vulnerability.

However, once implemented correctly…

The many masks of feelings.

“The “F” word will get you what you want.”

This “F” word I speak of does not rhyme with truck. In fact, I am referring to “FEELINGS”  For you business dudes, “feelings” is a particularly misunderstood word. I give credit to business dudettes for grasping the impact of this dynamic word.

You can over “anal” “ize” (analyze) your business to the point of stagnation. What that leaves are the feelings of…..well “feelings”.

Tips to tap into your feelings in your business:

  • Notice visceral changes in your gut.  Anytime you are experiencing a change in your mood due to a business situation, notice what transpires.  Was that feeling of sickness a result of the action or was there a queasy feeling about the situation initially?  Have you ever said, “I should have gone with my gut in the first place.”  Well, you should have.  Those were feelings.
  • Anchor in good vibrations when good things happen.  It works both ways.  Good feelings, good gut reactions produce good results.  When this takes place, feel free to celebrate and anchor in those good feelings.  This builds inner confidence in your future gut reactions.  Of course you need digital information to make decisions.  However, you rarely begin the information gathering process in the first place unless your gut told you it was at least a decent idea. So, reinforce the positive results of your experience.
  • Have an awareness that every once of energy you give out will produce corresponding results.  If you are going to give effort in business anyway, you may as well send out highly positive energy.  For example, if you FEEL that the big deal you just sold will be sabotaged before it closes, guess what will happen?  If you FEEL that your employees are going to screw you over, what is sure to take place?  If you FEEL that business is a fierce battlefield which results in leaving behind dead carcasses, what do you think your business relationships will look like?  On the other hand, if you FEEL that your business is going to thrive and that your associates and employees are productive and working toward the same harmonious goal, you stand a much better chance of that happening.
  • Give out good vibes and get good results.  It may seem PolyAnna, but just try it for three days.  In every business situation you anticipate, collect a bunch of really good thoughts and FEELINGS about those situations and see what happens.  Understand that you may not be an expert yet in FEELING your way through your business, but just test it for the hell of it.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You get what you’ve got now?  Or perhaps you may even get some great results?  Heaven forbid.
  • Walk in an uplifting gait.  It is the age old concept of act positive and get positive.  Walk into your office as though you are elated to be there.   Walk into that next business meeting like you are about to run the 100 meter dash in the Olympics.  Notice how the energy in the room or in the meeting changes immediately.
  • Notice your thought patterns about potential outcomes.  Take one simple situation this week and test it.  Let’s say you want to meet a prospective client at Starbucks for an introductory meeting, just to shake hands and build rapport.  However, you have been hesitant, likely because you don’t want the rejection or the potential failure.  Get really clear about your positive feelings down deep in your gut.  Place yourself mentally in a very uplifting, successful conversation with this business contact at Starbucks.  See it and believe it.  Then make the call.  At the meeting, continue to FEEL the success of the meeting. Let me know what happens.
  • Anticipate the best in every situation.  If there is even a shred of negativity or doubt about a business situation, you will be fighting an uphill battle.  You could potentially get what you want, however you’ll have many more obstacles along the way.  This is not to say that you will never encounter hurdles.  In fact, you may.  Those hurdles are also a sign of your feelings.  So just FEEL your way through those challenges as well.  When you set out to accomplish a thing, see and FEEL the very best happening in the situation.
  • Understand that everything you do has a consequence. Those consequences began with a FEELING. You had a FEELING that you would succeed. Or you had a FEELING that you would fail. The energy you give out is what you get back. Your internal thoughts AND FEELINGS become your external realities.

So really pay attention to how you FEEL  about things happening in your business.

See, the “F” word CAN be used in business.



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