From The Gray Matter To The Paper…

For many years, I have written in journals, composition notebooks and personal diaries.  So I decided to make a video of what really happens in a journal.  Journaling, at first, seemed pointless, time consuming and frivolous.  However, as time has gone by the value becomes clearer and clearer.  Journaling doesn’t need to be formal.  I have found the best prescription for effective journaling is….none. Do it when you can.  There are no boundaries.  Write your business ideas, your personal thoughts, life goals, notes on research, contact information, diagrams, doodles, etc.  I have even written recipes in mine on occasion.  The point is that once you begin, you will notice your thoughts and motivations becoming clearer.  Check out the video and send me your feedback.  Also, let me know how long you have been journaling and what it has done for you.   Namaste.

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