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Dear Friend,

I get most of my news from the Internet. It allows me to filter out the drama that accompanies visual reporting. I try very hard to avoid the likes of CNN and CNBC due to the negative manner in which they report the news.

I also notice the main stream media rarely reports any success stories or stories of people, companies or organizations who are finding creative ways to expand their business and their profits.

One thing is for certain. You will never hear Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer say, “Your economic status is completely up to you. Go forth and prosper in spite of what we report.”

The real essence of an economy is not the government, not banking or mortgage policies, not even the status of housing starts or fuel prices. The real economy is what I call “The Economy Within”. The real foundation of any economy is the individual and business entities which make up the economy.

How is it that some people, some companies and organizations are able to thrive in this current economy while others fail?

Your ability to make the best of the situation to attract money and wealth consistently originates from one place… YOU. It’s the feeling, the certainty, the purpose that resides deep in your soul and spirit

So how do you attract a large personal income and increase your personal wealth when the prevailing mindset of the country seems to be stacked against you?

Your view of money, like anything, is shaped by your personal beliefs and how you choose to reinforce those beliefs.

Here are a few governing principles of “The Economy Within” for you to consider:

1. Your ability to generate money is unlimited. Well, actually it is only limited to your ability to generate fresh ideas to bring value to a marketplace. The human mind has the capacity to initiate gigantically ingenious ideas to produce income. It’s a matter of concentrating on the potential rather than the problems. “The Economy Within” owns the belief that money flows easily and is generated by bringing genuine value to a particular marketplace.

2. Money is not a measure of happiness. If you are a miserable menace of a person without money, guess what? When, and if you acquire more money, you will just be a better dressed miserable person. The person you are inside is magnified when you have acquired more money. Money can pay for plenty of psychotherapy though.

4. “The Economy Within” is disciplined and responsible. Rampant spending and lack of accountability do not take place when your “Economy Within” is in order. You understand that money is merely a vehicle to achieve your greater purpose in life. The prosperous “Economy Within” will never need a stimulus package, a bailout plan or a credit restructuring plan.

5. You were born to be prosperous. God, or your Life Source created you to enjoy all that was produced including money and material possessions. The notion that poverty or financial simplicity is somehow spiritual or “God-approved” is ludicrous. Some of the most prominent characters in the Bible were wealthy beyond measure. You are actually disrespecting your Creator by allowing anyone to influence you that your financial capabilities are limited for any reason.

“The Economy Within” is not complicated. It’s a matter of setting the right intention and following through with specific actions to increase your prosperity. But it all begins with your attitude about prosperity.

Until our paths cross again, take great care of yourself and your loved ones.


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2 thoughts on “The Economy Within

  1. greggflint says:

    I love to pass your insight to all my friends and family. Thank you for your positive input in these difficult times. You are correct we have the ability to make things better for ourselves and others. Thanks again Gregg

  2. Michelle Ellis says:

    I was moved by point #5 that we do not need to feel spiritual guilt for having an internal drive to succeed. Being in commissioned sales, my success is measured in dollars earned. Therefore, to be the best often means making the most money. I do not need to feel that this conflicts with my spiritual beliefs. As you said, “I was born to be prosperous.”

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