What can Twitter do for you?


Twitter is not just a site where you share useless information with other tweeters. It is a valuable resource for housing industry professionals, real estate agents, brokers, new home sales counselors, etc. Understand the value of being connected with a broad network and offer value, value, value to your fellow tweeters.

Check out this video and send me your comments.

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Ps.  Stay tuned for more on social media marketing for housing industry professionals.

2 thoughts on “What can Twitter do for you?

  1. Ronald Earl Wilsher says:

    Another good vid, Mr. Paul M!

    Thanks to you, seems more folks are stating to understand the importance of engaging in Social Media Marketing.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next one.

    Keep the faith and keep up the good!

    TrueBeliever & HopeDealer

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