Sales Tips Part II – Create a Unique Buying Experience

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Today’s consumer is very savvy.  How do you capture their attention and convert to a sale?

Here is Sales Tips Part II…”Create a Unique Buying Experience”.


Create a Unique Buying Experience

Check it out.  Leave your comments.

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4 thoughts on “Sales Tips Part II – Create a Unique Buying Experience

    • admin says:

      Any person can create for themselves the career or direction they wish…including sale people. Are people born with certain aptitudes, gifts and propensities? Yes. Tiger Woods was given the gift of golf talent, yet it is no good to him unless he works it to its fullest potential. Are some sales people born with leanings and gifts towards sales? Yes, but it is to no avail unless they work it…work at it…and work with it. So the answer to your question is Yes a sales person is born with the gift…but is MADE with the work he/she puts into it.

  1. Gregg Flint says:

    For years we have been trying to creat that special buying experience for our customers. I feel that recently the bar has been lifted and we must be ready and able to meet and exceed our customers expectation. No more order taking, true selling is the key.

  2. GreggFlint says:

    For years now we have been trying to create that special experience for our customers. We are finding recently, the customer is much more sophisticated. We must take them “on the tour” they want to be sure that they have seen every option and are well informed about their decision. What would make a floorcovering purchase special for you?

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